Testimonial - What people have said about their experience with APEXSTP, LLC.

"The essence of good coaching is to assist the individual in getting a better understanding of his /herself and the issues they think they are facing. This requires a blend of skills – Good listening; Excellent communication; open mindedness and a positive outlook. I found Charles to have all of these qualities but in addition he was not afraid to challenge and has an incisive style that cuts to the chase. Above all in a coach you want them to help you find the answer yourself – not impose one on you – and Charles enabled me through his style to achieve this. A great professional."

"Charles is eager to apply his professional experience to difficult business challenges. He is a passionate professional who offers sound guidance and support and is not afraid to ask the hard questions. I strongly recommend him for executive coaching or consulting." 

"Charles has a depth of experiences to call upon during his consulting engagements. He is a valuable executive coach. His secret is to listen, probe and allow the individual to become self aware, ready to implement change or take appropriate action.  His listening skills and common sense approach are backed by his breadth of experiences and organizations which provides additional value for the individual."

"Charles is an excellent executive coach. He knows exactly which questions to ask to get to the heart of an issue, and he's a great listener to summarize back what he's heard while organizing it into key, simple themes. Combined together, these skills enable Charles to make breakthrough progress quickly. I highly recommend Charles if you're considering executive coaching to assist you in your career development and growth."

"Charles is an excellent strategic leader with long-term vision. As a guest speaker, his talks at my Strategic Leadership class at Penn State were very well received, and his strategic thinking and leadership skills were quite impressive. These skills are what makes Charles an excellent executive coach."

"Charles subtlety as an Executive Coach should not be underestimated. His coaching work has taken him across the globe - playing to his cultural radar. He has coached me with great success. I particularly welcomed his ability to position his blue chip corporate career to date when challenging me on assumptions. A great Coach!"

"Charles is a smart no nonsense professional who cuts through the bs and gets to the heart of the mattter. He is results driven and does not consider failure an option." 

"Charles is a highly professional and versatile executive with excellent coaching skills. He has an exceptional ability to cut through things and to help people discover how to reach their potential. Valued partner."

"Charles is an extraordinarily good listener with a keen ability to turn a question or problem on its head in order to get to the heart of an issue. His insights are invaluable and I would highly recommend him as a problem solver who can deliver well thought out solutions."

"Charles uses his broad organizational experience gained in multiple senior positions across big pharma together with his passion and expertise for coaching and developing talent to help individuals identify, pursue and succeed in roles that they too feel passionately about."