Strategic Leadership in Science and Technology Program (S-LIST)


Creating Strategic Leaders in Science and Technology


        Wherever you are in your science career, whether you are starting out in the lab or you are a manager of a group in academia or in a company, there are some aspects to leadership and managing the business of science and technology that will help you to advance and develop your career as follows:


  • To work in an organization and to be effective, it helps to understand how the organization works and how you can get things done

  • Your work will be part of a bigger strategy that is being pursued by that organization.  You will need to define a strategy for your work and your team. You will be involved in change efforts as your organization implements these strategies

  • You will need to influence others to support your work and your strategy and attract capital and resources and get attention to your ideas

  • You will need to collaborate effectively with others inside your organization and others outside your organization. These individuals may be down the corridor from you or across the globe where you need to work virtually with them

  • You will need to be a leader and a follower in different situations

  • You will need to measure and track your success of your work in the context of your organization

  • Finally, you will transition into new roles as you progress through the organization and you will need to manage your career



        Leaders in Science and Technology today have to prepare themselves to take on numerous roles, including the following:


  • Visionary inspirational leader – see big picture

  • Coach – developing your team

  • Influencer across organizational boundaries (internal and external)

  • Great organizers and tacticians – deliver short-term goals

  • Individual contributor – expertise

  • Change agents – “rebuild the plane while flying it”


        This program is designed to give an overview of strategic leadership in science and technology and prepare individuals take on these roles.  An understanding and appreciation of Strategic Leadership in Science and Technology will position participants to make the most of their career opportunities.  Therefore, this program is aimed at individuals who aspire to leadership roles in research. 


        The program is based on the Integrated Model of Strategic Leadership (Dormer) and will include learning concepts of strategic thinking, organizational context, understanding your leadership style, team dynamics, decision-making, conflict management, change management and project and portfolio management.


You may be thinking how this can apply to my business, ….if we are successful you will:


  • New leaders understand the challenges of leadership particularly in the field of science and technology

  • Prepare scientists to take on leadership roles

  • Leaders effectively and quickly transition into new role (promotion or new organization)

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