Transformative Leadership and Collaborations through Astute Insights
Value-Focused Executive Coaching (VFEC)


Changing Leader's Behavior to Deliver Strategy


The focus of APEX STP, LLC, is to work with executive business leaders to identify astute insights that will have a significant impact on their business performance and help them address difficult, complex business challenges through coaching. This includes helping them discover how to reach their potential as successful leaders. Also working with leaders who are in or preparing for a transition – either to a more senior role in an organization or into a new organization (90-day transition planning).

Value-Focused Transformative Collaborations (VFTC)


Transforming Partnerships to Co-Creative Collaborations


The focus of APEX STP, LLC is to work with executive business leaders and their teams to identify astute insights that transform their business collaborations.


APEX STP, LLC specializes in helping leaders make the most from their collaborations and provides a collaboration assessment and action planning tool and process (VFTC) that can be used to establish effective collaborations or used as a health check for existing alliances. 

Strategic Leadership in Science and Technology Program (S-LIST)


Creating Strategic Leaders in Science and Technology


Wherever you are in your science career, whether you are starting out in the lab or you are a manager of a group in academia or in a company, there are some aspects to leadership and managing the business of science and technology that will help you to advance and develop your career. APEX STP, LLC has developed a lecture program designed to give an overview of strategic leadership in science and technology and prepare individuals take on leadership roles.

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